I help solve business problems by designing
seamless user experiences.

Growing up as an only child, I became very creative in order to keep myself entertained and excited. Drawing on the walls of the house and play coloring with pens and brushes, then grew this behavior to determine my future as an artist. Whether it was this that spurred my love for art, I am not sure; however, it was the beginning of my journey through the realms of art and design.

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My career aspirations led me to the School Visual Arts, where I was encouraged to enroll in the Graphic Design program. I was also the recipient of the Honorable Mention Award, given to students who exhibit outstanding achievement in the areas of academic achievement, leadership, and perseverance. During an internship, I learned the fundamentals of building and designing websites, and when I graduated, I started work at a trend forecasting company in New York City. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to continue my education and moved to San Francisco. I studied fine art and painting with a full scholarship at the San Francisco Art Institute.

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With college and university wrapped up, and ten years of industry experience I decided to take the plunge in 2017 and go freelance. My focus lately has been helping small businesses get started on the internet by designing and building websites that are professional and clean. I work closely with clients to articulate their vision in design, create a mockup, and then custom theme to match the design and desired functionality. Although I worked mainly as a web designer, once my clients realized that my formal training was in graphic design, it allowed me also to offer those services. Along the way, I noticed that I have a passion for understanding people and their needs and then coming to real solutions for those people based on that understanding.

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Building a career in UX design for me has been a lifelong journey full of meaningful pit stops that have equipped me to be a thoughtful, empathetic, and analytical user advocate. UX design is the perfect marriage of my passion for technology and my talent for empathizing with people and producing real solutions for them. Making a career change takes serious commitment, and therefore I enrolled in Bloc's UX Design Apprenticeship program. I learned what it meant to be a problem solver and how to refocus the different skills and talents I had previously accrued over the years into a process that produces user-centered products. Good design is much more than pretty things; it is a beautiful conversation rooted in a deep understanding of the people you are creating solutions for.

Let's create something great together.